Website Design & Development Questionnaire

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About Your Organization


Site Redesign (If this is not a site redesign, please skip this section)

Project Goals

Target Audience


Please identify any pages or features you envision as part of your site:
  Home  Products/services FAQs Directions About (Us) Contact (Us) Articles Upcoming events

Special Features
 Flash Video Image Gallery Map Search Newsletter/Email list sign-up Information/request forms Uploads/downloads

 Registration/customer login Store/Shopping cart Online payment Forum Blog Customer surveys/polls
Content Management.

How often will you need to update the web site content?
  Hourly    Daily    Weekly   Monthly

Who would you like to be responsible for the updates?     Web site developer   I'd like to update it myself


Please provide a list of websites you like or don't like.

 Like   Don't Like

 Like   Don't Like

 Like   Don't Like

 Like   Don't Like

 Like   Don't Like

Please provide a list of competitors' websites.

Do you have layout requirements or preferences?
Screen size:
 No preference   1024x768   800x600   Stretch entire width of screen   Responsive   Mobile Friendly

If the site is not the entire width of the screen, do you have a preference for alignment?
 No preference   Left   Center

Navigation (Main Menu):
 No preference   Horizontal   Vertical left   Vertical right


Do you have a logo?

List any important words you want people to associate with your company image/brand.

Do you have photos for your web site? Yes   No

Do you have graphics or other artwork for your web site? Yes   No